1. Voices Bloom
    James Place

  2. Old Speakers
    Missing Organs

  3. Impiety
    Terence Hannum

  4. Forest Structures
    Thé Déluge

  5. ダメ人間

  6. Radiations

  7. Voice Model
    Koen Holtkamp

  8. Absolute Delay

  9. Executable Dreamtime
    Brett Naucke

  10. Familial Rot
    Siavash Amini and Matt Finney

  11. Full Moon
    Alexandre Bazin

  12. Colliding Contours

  13. Nocturnes

  14. Things Our Bodies Used To Have
    Good Willsmith

  15. Re:collecting
    SR Hess + RM Zuydervelt

  16. Split
    Shapes / Melfi

  17. Two Variations
    M. Geddes Gengras

  18. Different Forces
    Phantom Horse

  19. Interpretations of Superstition
    James Place

  20. Destroy Music
    Gultskra Artikler

  21. Cowries
    Rémy Charrier

  22. Plural People
    Roberto Carlos Lange

  23. Sirens
    Kara-Lis Coverdale and LXV

  24. Living on Superstition
    James Place

  25. Eis Heauton

  26. NK012

  27. Imaginable Layers
    Aux Field

  28. Collected Works Vol. 2 New Process Music
    M. Geddes Gengras

  29. Visual Echoes
    Derek Rogers

  30. Ceto

  31. AG_Greatesthit
    G.S. Sultan

  32. Local Agent

  33. The Honeymoon Workbook
    Good Willsmith

  34. Modular Anxiety
    Dino Spiluttini and Nils Quak

  35. Shareek Hayaat
    Safiyaa (Brad Rose & Decimus)

  36. Collected Works Vol. 1 The Moog Years
    M. Geddes Gengras

  37. Visions / Voices
    Félicia Atkinson

  38. Dead Drop

  39. Rex
    S ND Y P RL RS

  40. 14 Years of Desperate Research
    Good Willsmith

  41. Till human voices wake us
    Siavash Amini

  42. Sketches
    Sima Kim and Wouter Van Veldhoven

  43. Gemlux

  44. In Slow Motion
    The End of the World Championship

  45. Circle Around The Moon
    The Human Elephant

  46. Shadows And Reflections
    Barnaby Bennett

  47. White Thunder
    The Human Elephant

  48. Elegy of the Machine
    TBA & Roma Dune

  49. The Broken Zoetrope
    Deadman's Ghost

  50. Sagittarius
    Various Artists

  51. Dezember
    Various Artists

  52. Cerebral Frontier
    Deadman's Ghost


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